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Due to COVID-19 and to better practice social distancing at this time you may go to to make name and address changes. You can also register to vote and apply for an absentee ballot for upcoming elections.

Please call before coming into the office at 803-424-4016. You can also email the office at

 June 9th Primary and Absentee Voting is

now at the Camden City Arena

(517 Bull St. Camden SC, 29020) 

Absentee in-person ends at 5 pm on June 8th.

Absentee voting began on May 11th. Please remember that you can vote by Mail-In Ballot.  You can get your form online at Apply for online absentee Application (To apply online you must have a printer) or by calling or emailing the office.   (Update 6/1/20) We recommend completing your application online and faxing or emailing it to us if you want to receive your ballot in a timely manner.  We won't be able to send applications by mail  after 5 pm on Wednesday June 3rd.  The last day to send out ballots will be June 5th by 5 pm.  For a ballot to be counted it must be in our hands by 7 pm on election day.  

Here is the new information on how to challenge a ballot

The precincts that are moving for this election are 

Whites Gardens - Jackson Elementary School (1730 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Camden, SC 29020)  Permanent Move.

 Salt Pond - Blaney Elementary School ( 1621 Smyrna Rd
Elgin, SC 29045 ) Temporary Move.

The Salt Pond  precinct will be alongside the Elgin #2  Precinct and will be located in the Cafeteria.This is located to the right of the school if you are facing the main entrance. 

The following is the locations at each school that is being utilized for the polling location. In many cases it has changed so that we can Social Distance while voting and to accommodate school construction that is going on currently.
  • Stover Middle School-Wellness Center located to the left of the campus and at the back of the gym.
  • Blaney Elementary-Voting will be in the gym side of the cafeteria while the Salt Pond Precinct will vote in the Cafeteria side of the building
  • Baron DeKalb-In the cafeteria which is accessed via the main entrance.
  • Wateree Elementary- Please use the Reclamation Road Entrance to the new building. This is the left side of the new campus and voting will be in the gym.
  • Camden Middle- Voting will be in the cafeteria
  • Jackson Elementary-In the gym. Please note this a new location for the Whites Garden Precinct.
  • ATEC-Enter polling location from the Main Entrance to Building C. Voting will take place down the hall to the right.
  • Doby's Mill Elementary- Voting will be in the cafeteria.

Please contact Voter Registration if you have any questions.

Please Note: There will be additional Absentee In Person Voting Hours at the Camden City Arena  517 Bull St Camden SC 29020 from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday June 6th. 

Election night reporting will be at the Camden city arena (517 Bull Street, Camden SC 29020).

We are in desperate need of poll workers.  Please, remember to choose Kershaw as your county.  Here is the link to apply.

Brunson, WilliamAsst. Director of Registration and ElectionsVoter Registration(803) 424-4016
Caughman, JohnDirector of Registration and ElectionVoter Registration(803) 424-4016