The Kershaw County Treasurer's Office is responsible for:

  • Collecting and distributing revenues
  • Collecting real and personal taxes along with fees such as DMV, Sewer, and Solid Waste
  • Receiving, depositing, and disbursing county and school district funds
  • Disbursement of decals for the DMV

 To learn more about our office, please visit the official Kershaw County Treasurer's Office website

Blankenship, DinaAssistant Delinquent Tax CollectorTreasurer(803) 425-1529 ext. 4
Catoe, JillTreasurerTreasurer(803) 425-1529
Frazier, KimClerkTreasurer(803) 425-1529 ext. 7
Modesto, YasminDeputy TreasurerTreasurer(803) 425-1529 ext. 2
Ray, ChrissyClerkTreasurer(803) 425-1529 ext. 5
Scruggs, PrudenceAccountant/Office ManagerTreasurer(803) 425-1529 ext. 3
Stropes, JeremyHead ClerkTreasurer(803) 425-1529 ext. 7