School Resource Officer Program


The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is the next step in Community Oriented Policing (COP). The SRO is an asset used by the community and the school in an attempt to address situations in the lives of students in a forum other than the judicial system.

The School Resource Officer program (SRO) is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of a law enforcement officer within the educational environment. The officer, while in the school, is involved in a variety of functions aimed at prevention. In addition to being an active high profile law enforcement officer, the SRO is a resource for students, parents, teachers and administration regarding law issues, crime prevention, public safety, and security concerns. Another duty for the SRO is being a link to other service agencies, which provide preventive and counseling services within the school district. The SRO will work in concert with school administrators and teachers to help provide a safe learning environment. Working hand and hand with the Principal in each school, the SRO assists with finding solutions to problems affecting school age children.

The SRO program is a proactive approach to deal with the pressures today’s young people find themselves having to confront. This includes the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, along with peer pressure and gang activity. These situations are not confined in the schools, but are within our community as well. The approach of addressing a student’s issues both in the school, and in the community, will increase the effect we have with our students. SROs should take a vested interest in the welfare and success of the individuals in which they come in contact.

The Kershaw County School District, and the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office, are working together to confront problems our students are currently facing. By addressing these issues together and proactively we become increasingly effective in finding solutions.

Although most statistics are nationwide, we can see the trend. An SRO, if utilized correctly, should be the first line of defense against gangs, drugs, alcohol, and school violence. The Supreme Court recognized the effects that gangs and drugs have in our schools and have ruled that “gangs and drugs” are inherently dangerous. They have also stated that every student in the United States has the right to feel safe while attending school.

Through prevention programs, it is hoped that in Kershaw County, we can reverse the trends that are hurting our youth and education. The school system and the sheriff’s office understand and believe that we hold the future of youth in our hands.