KCSO Neighborhood Watch


Former Sheriff Jim Matthews re-instituted the concept of the Neighborhood Watch Program shortly after his swearing in during January 2011.  The Neighborhood Watch Program was not new to the Kershaw County but had become inactive over the past decade.  A support committee was directed to investigate how this program could benefit the residents of Kershaw County with their involvement with the local law enforcement.  Thus, Sheriff Matthews' vision of Basic Crime Prevention, Event Preparedness and Building a Stronger Community became a reality.  This program is based on the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office Mission Statement.  "The primary mission of the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office is to provide a safe and secure environment for the residents and visitors of Kershaw County through department programs and community policing efforts.  This goal will only be accomplished through the mutually cooperative relationship between the Sheriff's Office, the other Kershaw County law enforcement agencies and the community it serves".

You can contact the neighborhood watch program by email at kcso@kershaw.sc.gov