KCSO Application

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our team.  Please complete the departments application and forward it to us by U.S. Mail or hand deliver to our front office.

Mailing address-P.O. Box 70 Lugoff, SC 29078

Physical address-821 Ridgeway Rd, Lugoff, SC 29078

For more information contact Lieutenant Kevin Lynch at 803-425-1512 ext. 1139 or kevin.lynch@kershaw.sc.gov


Kershaw County Sheriff's Office employment application



The following documents are REQUIRED in order for your application to be processed:

Certified copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Social Security Card

Copy of High School Diploma or GED

Copy of valid South Carolina Driver's License

Certified ten (10) year driving record from every state licensed to drive

Credit history report (Equifax, Eperian, etc.)

Copy of DD-214 (if a veteran)

Copies of other documents (certifications, training, diplomas, transcripts, etc.)


1.  Submission of employment application and document review.  Applicant will be notified via email upon receipt of application.

2.  Aptitude Test

3.  Physical Fitness Test

4.  Initial Interview

5.  Background Investigation

6.  Polygraph Examination

7.  Psychological Examination

8.  Pre-employment Physical

9.  Pre-employment Drug Test


KCSO Salary Scale 2019

                                                                BASE              MIDPOINT      MAXIMUM

Uncertified Deputy:                                  $30,000         N/A                       N/A

Deputy (Class III)/Records Clerk:     $30,000         $35,000             $40,000

Certified Deputy (Class I):                     $38,000         $41,500            $45,000               

Master Deputy/FTO:                               $40,000         $44,000             $48,000

Corporal/Investigator:                            $42,000        $46,000             $49,000

Sergeant:                                                         $45,000         $50,000             $55,000

Lieutenant:                                                     $50,000         $55,000             $60,000

Base salary plus the following:

Experience @ Current Position:

1-3yrs +1%, 4-6yrs +2%, 7-8yrs +3%, 9-10yrs +4%,

11-12yrs +6%, 13-15yrs +7%, 16+yrs +8%

Education (Lieutenants & Below):

Associate +2%, Bachelor +4%, Master +6%

Spanish Speaking: