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The primary mission of the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office is to provide a safe and secure environment for the residents and visitors of Kershaw County through department programs and community policing efforts. This goal will only be accomplished through a mutually cooperative relationship between the Sheriff's Office, the other Kershaw County law enforcement agencies, and the community it serves. 

By working together, we can maintain the peace, provide safety and security for our citizens, and reduce crime and/or the fear of crime. 

The Sheriff's Office will seek to understand and confront the underlying problems that lead to most calls for service. Through problem solving and community policing, the Sheriff's Office will seek to significantly improve the quality of life for its citizens and enhance the experience of visitors to Kershaw County. 

To be successful in our mission, we require the commitment of the administration, every employee of the Sheriff's Office, and the citizens of the county, all working together to maintain the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office as a trusted source for assistance. 

All Sheriff's Office personnel will make every contact with the community a positive one, a contact that places us a step closer to a partnership with every resident they meet. Members will be courteous and helpful at all times. 

The foundation of this organization is defined by its employee's honesty, moral standards, compassion, sincerity, and caring attitude. To accomplish this mission, the following pillars of character must be the basis for all our actions:


To be worthy of the trust that has been placed in us, each member will conduct all of our affairs with honesty, reliability, loyalty, and integrity. The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office demands the highest level of integrity from its employees. Integrity is the hallmark of the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office and we are committed to the highest performance standards, ethical conduct, and truthfulness in all relationships. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and take pride in a professional level of service to all.


The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office recognizes that its members are its greatest asset, and our actions shall reflect this belief. The members will respect the citizens and recognize their ethnic and cultural diversity. We will respect each other as professionals and fellow human beings. Every person, regardless of personal status, will be afforded every courtesy and right to which they are entitled. It will be our ongoing effort to bring equal justice and dignity to all with whom we come in contact.


We will strive for personal and professional excellence, dedication to duty and delivery of quality service to the public. We are part of a team dedicated to the safety and protection of our community. Our actions will reflect intelligent, sincere, efficient, and courteous service. The Sheriff's Office will make a commitment to provide only the best, most knowledgeable personnel possible and will strive to keep training and education a priority.

The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office has made a commitment to the community to provide the highest level of service possible.  Our policies and procedures reflect this goal. Our staff is dedicated to this service standard. Ultimately this dedication will benefit the community, the department, and the individual staff member.


Each member of the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office will treat every person with fairness, justice, and openness. Our interaction with the public will be impartial, without favoritism or prejudice. We will hear people out, listen to them, and consider what they have to say before making decisions. We will be sure that the consequences for misbehavior are consistent, certain and proportional to the wrongdoing.


We will be compassionate and considerate in our dealings with the community and the victims of crime. The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office has a philosophy of giving of our time, support, comfort, and ourselves to improve the lives of those in need.

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