Disparcher at Desk



IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are in need of emergency services from Kershaw County please DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL to us. Emails are not monitored 24x7 and may not be responded to in a timely fashion. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT  911 to receive emergency services.

Communication Center:

  • Assist all citizens and visitors by answering emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Obtain all pertinent information to properly serve all citizens in their time of need
  • Enter information in CAD (computer aided dispatch)
  • Dispatch appropriate agency
  • Maintain accurate computer records for safety and legal issues
  • Make necessary calls for service agencies
  • Enter data and monitor NCIC SLED computer
  • After hours entering of data and monitoring NCIC SLED computer for Sheriff’s Dept. and City Police
  • After hours answering for Administrative lines for Sheriff’s Dept., Camden Police, County water and sewer, City of Camden Utilities
  • Monitor weather system and relay significant information
  • Page, fax, teletype service agencies, authorized individuals, etc as per policy or request
  • Assist in training new employees
  • Transfer misrouted 911 calls to appropriate county.
  • Assist out of county agencies as needed
  • Check warrants system and files for law enforcement service agencies

Disparcher at Desk

Communication Administration:

  • Maintain accurate, secure data needed for legal issues, to answer questions, etc.
  • Provide data, written and/or recorded media with required criteria
  • Ensure proper equipment maintenance, consoles, phones, generators, towers, etc.
  • Maintain up to date auto dial data base
  • Schedule
  • Monitor weather system
  • Manage personnel issues
  • Assist in EOC (Emergency Operations Center)
  • County agency phone issues; repairs, add, delete, voice mail, etc.
  • Review calls for quality assurance
  • Department finances, payment request, purchases, budget, 911 tariff
  • Technology, maintain up to date equipment, knowledge on new technology
  • Correspondence
  • Ensure mandated and continuous training is up to date and completed
  • Ensure day to day duties are performed
  • Assist as needed with communications duties i.e making notifications, updating record, reports etc.
  • Assist service agencies as needed or requested

Agencies Communications dispatch for and / or monitor:

  • Law Enforcement: Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department on the main county dispatch radio channel and the traffic channel, Camden Police Department, Elgin Police Department, Bethune Police, Animal Control, Civil Process, Coroner, Detention Center
  • Emergency Medical Services: Kershaw County EMS Station 1, EMS Station 2, EMS Station 3, EMS Station 4, EMS Station 5, EMS QRV 1, QRV 2, and medical first responders
  • Rescue: Camden Rescue, Mt. Pisgah Buffalo Rescue, and Kershaw County Rescue 
  • County Fire: Camden Station 1 and 2, Lugoff, Antioch, Baron Dekalb, Beaver Creek, Bethune, Blaney, Buffalo Mt. Pisgah, Cassatt, Charlotte Thompson, Doby Mill, Pine Grove Main Station, Pine Grove Substation, Shepard Fire, Flat Rock Road, Boykin Station, Gates Ford Station, Westville Fire
  • Utilities: City of Camden Utility Department, County water and sewer after hours
  • Regional Services: Communicate to the South Carolina Highway Patrol and surrounding counties by using the regional radio channel
Crawford, Patricia911 Communicaitons DirectorCentral (911) Communications(803) 424-4001