Walkers meet weekday mornings during the winter months from 7:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. at the Rhame City Arena for indoor walking.  A Senior Golf Tournament is also held at the end of September at White Pines Golf Club.

Square Dance Club
"Need to Exercise... but don't like to Exercise??..... Try Square Dancing!!! 
In squares of eight across the country and locally, Americans are linking arms, sashaying, and
"do-si-doing" themselves to longer, healthier and happier lives.   They're having a blast, improving their health, and making new friends all at the same time.  Square dancers come in all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnic groups.  Square dancing is just so much fun.  Square dancing is setting friendship to music, "It's having a place to get up and go in the evening where you can work up a good tired and a good sweat."  It's very easy once you learn.  Believe it or not, an evening of square dancing is less expensive than going to a movie! The “Camden Hi Steppers” square dance club meets each Thursday at 8:00 pm at the Recreation Department building. Classes are offered in January.  If you are interested in joining or taking lessons, contact Bill and Dixie Schott at 438-2411 or Richard and Barbara Walker at 788-0118.