Magistrates generally have criminal trial jurisdiction over all offenses subject to the penalty of a fine, as set by statute, but generally, not exceeding $500 or imprisonment not exceeding 30 days, or both. In addition, they are responsible for setting bail, conducting preliminary hearings, and issuing arrest and search warrants. Magistrates have civil jurisdiction when the amount in controversy does not exceed $7,500.

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Magistrates for Kershaw County

The Honorable  James E. Davis Jr.  Chief Magistrate

The Honorable Roderick M. Todd, Jr.  Associate Chief

The Honorable  Carrie Hall Tanner

The Honorable Darrell J. Drakeford

The Honorable D. Allen Trapp 

Courtroom Rules and Attire

  • The courtroom is a place of dignity and respect for our judicial process.  Please treat it as such by dressing appropriately.
  • No shorts, hats, tank tops, offensive t-shirts, flip flops or sweatsuits.
  • Cell phones should be silenced or turned off.
  • No talking or disruptive behavior.

Violators may be held in contempt of court and subject to sanctions

Dinkins, TiawannaReceptionistMagistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5382
Garcia, LauraCriminal ClerkMagistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5386
Hughes, Susan Traffic Clerk (SCHP)Magistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5420
Leonard, DeloresCourt AdministrationMagistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5431
McCaskill, CathyCriminal ClerkMagistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5255
Robinson, AlishaTraffic Clerk (KCSO)Magistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5389
Steele, Denise Civil ClerkMagistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5383
Thompson, StephanieCashierMagistrates(803) 425-7226 ext. 5374