Welcome to the Kershaw County South Carolina GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Mapping page. This site is intended for your convenience and we hope that the information provided will be helpful and of benefit to you.

What is the function of the Kershaw County GIS/Addressing Office?

  • Provide Geographical data for the entire county
  • Create/maintain over 100 different basemap, utility and public safety layers
  • Create/maintain data for all the different offices in Kershaw County and the public
  • Provide GiS data for our web based application

 Click the picture below to visit our GIS Mapping application.

Norris, CathyGIS CoordinatorAddressing, GIS Mapping(803) 425-1500
Shafer, ToddDirector of Information ServicesAddressing, GIS Mapping, Information Technology(803) 425-1500