E-911/Addressing, as well as GIS (Geographic Information Services), is a part of the Information Services technology department.
What does this office do?

  • Provide existing and new addresses for all structure in the county.
  • Provides addresses for Camden, Elgin, Bethune and Lugoff.
  • Ensure that the addresses comply with E-911 guidelines.
  • Readdress existing structures if and when needed.
  • Work with Planning and Zoning regarding all new road name approval.
  • Addresses and road names are only provided by the E-911 Addressing center to avoid confusion.
  • It is important to display your 911 address so that emergency services can locate your home in the event of an emergency.
  • Displaying your address is also required by a county ordinance. If you do not have your house numbers displayed, please see the link below.
  • Kershaw County Fire Service offers reflective address signs for $15.00. See the 911 address sign order form below.

911 Sign Request Form

E-911 County Ordinance

Norris, CathyGIS CoordinatorAddressing, GIS Mapping(803) 425-1500
Shafer, ToddDirector of Information ServicesAddressing, GIS Mapping, Information Technology(803) 425-1500