Kershaw County Finance Office is responsible for maintaining the fiscal integrity of the County’s financial records. This office reports the results of the County’s operations and changes in its financial position to various interested parties, such as state and federal grantors and regulatory agencies, financial markets, investors and concerned taxpayers. 

Functions of this office include: 

  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Fiscal Auditing 
  • Fiscal Management 
  • Payroll Processing

This Office Does: 

  • Preparation of Annual County Budget and related documents 
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements and other financial reports as required or requested by federal and state agencies, County Council, Administration, or financial markets 
  • Provide payment to vendors 
  • Process and maintain employee time records and issue employee payroll checks 
  • Accounts receivable billings and processing of payment including sewer, landfill, insurance, and rent
  • Monitor the stewardship of public funds 
  • Ensure the ability of the County to meet financial obligations 
  • Monitor compliance with legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the expenditure and investment of public funds 
  • Work with financial markets to borrow funds needed to acquire facilities and equipment 
  • Maintain financial and fixed asset inventory records for all County departments

This Office Does Not: 

  • Issue tax bills or collect taxes (See Auditor, Treasurer, Assessor) 
  • Maintain records or pay bills for: 
    Kershaw County School District 
    Municipalities within Kershaw County
Brown, SandraFinance DirectorFinance(803) 425-1506 ext. 5302
Davis, DeneesePayrollFinance(803) 425-1506 ext. 5304
Honeycutt, SherylCapital Asset AccountantFinance(803) 425-1506 ext. 5442
Mackey, LindaAccounts ReceivableFinance(803) 425-1506 ext. 5303
Mahoney, PamelaGeneral LedgerFinance(803) 425-1506 ext. 5307
Ray, ChrissyAccounts ReceivableFinance(803) 425-1506 ext. 5305
Reeves, JackieAccounts PayableFinance(803) 425-1506 ext. 5308